Gender: Female
Species: Klingon/Human hybrid
Affiliation: Former Maquis
Currently Federation Starfleet
Rank: Commander
Occupation: USS Millennium Chief Engineer
Status: Active
Born: 2349
Martial Status: Married
Spouse(s): Ro Laren
Children: Ro Miral Torres
Played by: Roxann Dawson

Early Life Edit

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USS Millennium Edit

Romance Edit

Tom Paris Edit

B'Elanna shared a tempestuous relationship with Tom Paris for over a year. The relationship was volatile at best according to both parties, and bystanders.

B'Elanna often used Tom as a source for getting the best gossip, her relationship with him giving her a lot of influence over him. (JB: "Just Between Us")

The couple did share sincere feelings for each other, B'Elanna going so far that she deliberately destroyed a letter from Tom's father to spare the young helmsman the harsh words it contained. When B'Elanna was transported to the Alpha Quadrant by a Bajoran Orb she met Tom's father while there. Upon her departure to return to Voyager she punched Admiral Paris in the face when he repeated his words to her. In her view she was defending Tom's honor.

However the crew of Voyager had believed B'Elanna to be dead during her time in the alpha Quadrant. Upon her return to Voyager B'Elanna Tom confessed he had not adhered to the Klingon tradition of the proper mourning time. Whilst she had been away, for less then a month, Tom had briefly become involved with Jennifer Delaney. B'Elanna was insulted by his actions and ended the relationship rather violently. (JB: "Just Between You & Me")

Chakotay Edit

Ro Laren Edit

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Kathryn Janeway Edit

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Alternate Universes and Timelines Edit

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