Hellmouth is an class M planet located near Permunta, in the Delta Quadrant. In 2376 the planet was in a developmental stage equivalent to Earth's Cretaceous Age.

History Edit

In 2376 the Delta Flyer, carrying captain Kathryn Janeway, Seven, B'Elanna Torres and Ro Laren, took refuge on the planet from a class 7 ion storm. They were returning from a mission to Permunta and on course to rendezvous with Voyager when commander Chakotay warned them that an ion storm was heading straight for them. They barely made it to the planet before the storm hit but they managed to safely land. Once there the local wildlife, ranging from giant and smaller dinosaur-like beings to gigantic water creatures and enormous desert worms, began attacking the shuttle and away team to the point that eventually Janeway ordered Ro to locate a spot somewhere on the planet where nothing would try to eat them. (JB: "Just Between Earth & Sky")

Environmental Edit

The planets development stage was such that it had yet to develop icecaps. Tropical areas with jungles were predominant on the poles and area surrounding the equator were mostly deserts. The planet also supported a somewhat unusual atmosphere that had a lavender tint in it.

Botanical Edit

Hellmouth boasted a great variety of plant life. Most of the vegetation in the tropical areas on Hellmouth had a purple hue defining its color. Most of the flowering plants boasted a variety of oranges and greens. In the desert regions plant life was more sparse and consisted of cacti and other spiny and thin plants, adapted to the arid environment.

Microscopic life Edit

A certain type of fungus or algea lived in certain large bodies of water near the poles. The microscopic single celled organisms thrived in the water in such great numbers that they were visible to the naked eye, giving any water they lived in a red and lavender tint. These creatures only existed in stagnant water, they did not live in moving bodies of water, such as rivers or streams.

Insect life Edit

There were many insect species on the planet. Some of which may have been poisonous but this was never specified.

Zoological Edit

Hellmouth supported a large variety of animal life. The animal life on the planet was similar to Earth's ancient dinosaurs. The planet had yet to develop bird like animals.

Hellmouth T-rex

Hellmouth velociraptor

Hellmouth desert worm

Hellmouth pterodactyl

Hellmouth lake creature

Origin of name Edit

B'Elanna Torres came up with the name for the planet, christening it Hellmouth, because everything on it wanted to eat the away team. She also referred to the planet as "The planet from Hell", but decided to go with Hellmouth instead.

References Edit

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