Intrepid class
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Active: 2370s-
Length: 343m
Decks: 15
Crew complement: 150
Speed: Warp 9.975
Armament: 8 Type X phaserbanks
Defenses: Deflector shields

Intrepid class is much smaller then most other starships.

General overviewEdit

The ship is the first one that uses bioneural gelpacks and has a Mark 1 Emergency Medical Hologram, in case the real doctor is either dead or incapacited. It has the highest top speed, prior to the Prometheus class. Although this class of ships isn't big, it has superior manoeuvrability, making it an excellent candidate to follow a small shuttle in the Badlands.


The ship was constructed in 2370. One year later, in 2371, the second ship, USS Voyager, was launched.