Just Between Friends
Series: The Just Between Series
Season: 1
Number: 04
Postdate: 1998-07-01
Author: Gina L. Dartt
Beta: Unknown
Previous Episode: Just Between You & Me
Next Episode: Just Between Enemies

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Chapter One: POV: Kathryn Janeway Edit

Chapter Two: POV: Kathryn Janeway Edit

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Authors Note Edit

  • This is the 4th in the Just Between series.
  • To my beta readers who helped me with this prior to posting, my eternal appreciation.
  • This installment occurs after the events in Hope and Fear, near the end of the fourth year of Voyager's journey, and was first posted in July, 1998.

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Previous episode:
"Just Between You & Me"
The Just Between Series
Season 1
Next episode:
"Just Between Enemies"

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