Just Between a Rock & a Hard Place
Series: The Just Between Series
Season: 1
Number: 06
Postdate: 1998-09-01
Author: Gina L. Dartt
Beta: Unknown
Previous Episode: Just Between Enemies
Next Episode: Just Between Realities

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Chapter One: POV: Kathryn Janeway Edit

Chapter Two: POV: Kathryn Janeway Edit

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Authors Note Edit

  • This is the 6th in the Just Between series.
  • It was written months before even the rumors of Dark Frontier surfaced. It was posted in the first part of September, 1998, prior to the beginning of the fifth season of ST:Voyager.

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Previous episode:
"Just Between Enemies"
The Just Between Series
Season 1
Next episode:
"Just Between Realities"

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