Mead is an alcoholic beverage. On Earth most varieties of it are primarily made of fermented honey.

The L'Borna produce a beverage which they call mead, but their version of the drink was a form of liquor. It had a golden color and was described as having a sweet and light taste with a spicy undertone by Seven of Nine. B'Elanna Torres however decribed it to have a tart, fruity-like taste. It was served in large mugs in local taverns. In 2374 B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine drank large quantities of the drink. Though B'Elanna was largely unaffected by what she deemed to be a "lightweight brew" Seven became extremely intoxicated by it. (JB: "Just Between Enemies")

The difference in taste of the L'Borna mead could be a result of the differing physiology of Klingons and Humans.

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