Past Provocations, Part I
Series: The Millennium Series
Season: 1
Number: 01
Postdate: 2001-06-22
Word Length: 29,884
Author: Gina L. Dartt
Beta: Unknown
In-Universe Timeline:
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Past Provocations, Part II

The USS Millennium, currently docked at DS9 is making final preparations before their departure on their year long mission into the Delta Quadrant. The crew aboard is also making preparations of their own. New crewmembers, such as a First Officer who has to contend with many Bajorans and former members of the Maquis on board who despise him for his unchosen Cardassian/Bajoran nature and a former Borg drone who is trying to adjust to life in space once more.

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"Janeway offered him a smile. "Oh, didn't you know?" she asked lightly. "We have a sentient being serving on board who happens to be a hologram, so as you can see, between Borg science officers and holographic doctors, you should fit in just fine, Commander."
"Zar stopped in his tracks as Janeway continued on her way to the turbolift, doing her best not to laugh out loud at the expression on his face."

- Janeway to Zar Tulek on the rather eclectic nature of the Millennium crew.

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  • Welcome to the first installment of the ST: Millennium series. Like all Trek series which begin with a two hour premier, this is the first part of two which make up the 'pilot' episode (although, this does have an epilogue and is self contained.)
  • This was first posted to the web on June 22nd, 2001.

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Previous episode:
The Millennium Series
Season 1
Next episode:
"Past Provocations, Part II"

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