Ro Laren

Ro Laren in 2368

Gender: Female
Species: Bajoran
Affiliation: Former Maquis
Currently Federation Starfleet
Rank: Commander
Occupation: USS Millennium Chief of Security
Status: Active
Born: 2340-01-17
Father: Ro Gale (deceased)
Mother: Ro Talia (deceased)
Martial Status: Married
Spouse(s): B'Elanna Torres
Children: Ro Miral Torress
Played by: Michelle Forbes

Ro Laren is a female Bajoran who perhaps best known for her turbulent career as a Starfleet officer. Her first years in Starfleet were difficult and resulted in her being court martialed. She was imprisoned and later released and reinstated to serve on the USS Enterprise-D. She was mentored for a time by captain Jean-Luc Picard until she went AWOL from Starfleet to join the Maquis. In the Maquis she used the alias Ara Lerona to hide her identity. She was onboard the Val Jean when it was taken to the Delta Quadrant and along with the rest of the Maquis crew she joined the crew of the USS Voyager. Here she continued to hide her identity for 3 years before revealing her real name. At this point captain Kathryn Janeway took Ro under her wing. Ro finally stabilized herself and her life from then on. Serving with distinction on the Voyager and later as the de facto first officer of the USS Millennium. Ro Laren became involved with B'Elanna Torres on Voyager and the two married in 2379. In 2380 they had their first child.

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