Lieutenant T'Prawn is a female Vulcan Starfleet officer who served in Starfleet Intelligence in 2380. She was part of a two man surveillance team assigned to follow captain Kathryn Janeway and her wife Seven of Nine while they travelled to Risa on the UFP Poseidon. She had received the assignment from admiral Nechayev, who wished to have an operative nearby to ensure that Janeway would keep a predestined appointment with the Guardian of Forever.

During the mission T'Prawn and her partner Sporn pretended to be an newly married Vulcan couple off on their honeymoon as a cover story.

When the Poseidon was damaged by a magnetic strand both she and Sporn accompanied Janeway and Seven in an attempt to reach the engine room of the cruise ship. She and Sporn identified themselves as being junior Starfleet officers. T'Prawn stated she served as an engineering officer on the USS Potemkin.

As the group attempted to reach the engine room T'Prawn was nearly killed when gravity reversed in the shaft they were in. T'Prawn nearly fell to her death but fortunately Seven managed to blindly grab hold of her as she fell past. Seven admired the young Vulcan to remain so calm as she dangled precariously while Seven maneuvered her to grab hold of the ladder again.

When Sporn complimented crewman Nagle for noticing the shift in air pressure that gave the group some warning of the gravity shift, allowing them to brace themselves, T'Prawn dryly replied that at least some of them had. Seven wondered if T'Prawn had just made a joke, something she was unaccustomed to from Vulcans. Seven assumed it maybe because T'Prawn was very young and perhaps more frivolous then older Vulcans.

T'Prawn and Sporn later modified the display on the pressure doors that helped secure the Poseidon against hull breaches to indicate if there was an atmosphere on the other side. She used a set of fine tools from her gown to achieve this. Seven assumed it merely indicated she really was an engineer, never guessing the real nature of T'Prawn.

When T'Prawn was addressed by captain Zar Tulek she identified her true identity and purpose to Janeway. The latter was not pleased at being under surveillance but the urgency and importance of the appointment with the Guardian of Forever took precedent. Most likely saving T'Prawn from a dressing down by Janeway.