The Just Between Series
Abbr.: JB
Created by: Gina L. Dartt
Production dates: 1998 - 2001
Original run: 1998-02-01 - 2001-01-26
Episodes: 52
Timespan: 2374 - 2378

The Just Between Series is the first true femslash Star Trek series. It was created by Gina L. Dartt and ran online for 5 seasons, from 1998 to 2001. The series is best known for its familial crew, science fiction based plots, engaging action sequences and light humor which were very similar to the actual tv-show, while offering far more continuity, engaging story plots and character development. This is the first online fanfiction Star Trek series to feature a lesbian couple as its main protagonists. Additionally, the series is also known for its rated NC-17 content, though the adult content is always important to the story and does not detract from its quality. Voyager follows the events of Star Trek: Voyager canon closely (though there are small differences) up until its 38th installment, after which the series completely departs from Star Trek canon, though remains true to it in spirit and style. The Just Between Series is not an official Star Trek series but a work of fanfiction. The Just Between Series utilizes characters that are copyright © by Paramount Pictures. No infringement on their respective copyrights is intended by the author in any way, shape or form.

Series Summary Edit

Main Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Also Starring Edit

Introduced in the series in the 19th installment as Lieutenant Ara Lerona.
Introduced in the series in the 3rd installment as holographic Kes, later named Sek. Reinvented in the 37th installment as new character named Kes.

Writers Edit

Guest author who collaborated with Gina L. Dartt on two JB installments, namely Just Between Above & Below and Just Between Families. Both take place in the 4th season and are extra long chapters.

Betas Edit

Episode List Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 1, 10 episodes

Title Episode Written Order Original Postdate
Just Between Us 1x01 01 1998-02-01
Just Between Them 1x02 02 1998-05-01
Just Between You & Me 1x03 03 1998-06-01
Just Between Friends 1x04 04 1998-07-01
Just Between Enemies 1x05 05 1998-08-01
Just Between a Rock & a Hard Place 1x06 06 1998-09-01
Just Between Realities 1x07 07 1998-09-15
Just Between Stars 1x08 08 1998-10-01
Just Between Memories 1x09 09 1998-11-01
Just Between Right & Wrong 1x10 10 1998-12-01

Season 2 Edit

Season 2, 10 episodes

Title Episode Written Order Original Postdate
Just Between Lovers 2x01 11 1998-12-15
Just Between Species 2x02 12 1998-12-31
Just Between Dreams 2x03 13 1999-01-01
Just Between Promises 2x04 14 1999-02-01
Just Between Dusk & Dawn 2x05 15 1999-02-15
Just Between Futures 2x06 16 1999-03-01
Just Between Universes 2x07 17 1999-04-01
Just Between Dawn & Dusk 2x08 18 1999-04-15
Just Between Deceptions 2x09 19 1998-06-01
Just Between Darkness & Light 2x10 20 1999-06-15

Season 3 Edit

Season 3, 10 episodes

Title Episode Written Order Original Postdate
Just Between Lines 3x01 21 1999-07-01
Just Between Lessons 3x02 22 1999-07-31
Just Between Decks 3x03 23 1999-08-15
Just Between Battles 3x04 24 1999-08-31
Just Between Fortune & Folly 3x05 25 1999-09-17
Just Between Lost & Found 3x06 26 1999-09-31
Just Between Missions 3x07 27 1999-10-22
Just Between Earth & Sky 3x08 28 1999-11-05
Just Between Truth & Lies 3x09 29 1998-11-19
Just Between Tears 3x10 30 1999-12-03

Season 4 Edit

Season 4, 12 episodes

Title Episode Written Order Original Postdate
Just Between Give & Take 4x01 31 2000-01-22
Just Between Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wild, Wild Women 4x02 32 2000-02-04
Just Between Fears 4x03 33 2000-03-04
Just Between Fire & Ice 4x04 34 2000-03-31
Just Between Perceptions 4x05 35 2000-04-14
Just Between Rest And Recreation 4x06 36 2000-05-26
Just Between Senses 4x07 37 2000-06-09
Just Between Alpha & Delta 4x08 38 2000-06-22
Just Between the Sheets 4x09 39 2000-07-07
Just Between Quadrants 4x10 40 2000-07-21

Season 5 Edit

Season 5, 10 episodes

Title Episode Written Order Original Postdate
Just Between Arrivals & Departures 5x01 41 2000-07-04
Just Between Stations 5x02 42 2000-07-18
Just Between Past & Present 5x03 43 2000-09-01
Just Between Ranks 5x04 44 2000-09-15
Just Between Planets 5x05 45 2000-09-29
Just Between Influences 5x06 46 2000-12-01
Just Between Love & Hate 5x07 47 2000-12-15
Just Between Life & Death 5x08 48 2000-12-29
Just Between Loyalties 5x09 49 2001-01-12
Just Between the Earth & the Stars 5x10 50 2001-01-26

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