Timothy Charles White was the stillborn infant son of ensign Lisa White. His mother became pregnant with him in 2376. She and 9 other crewmembers of the USS Voyager conceived when they were infected with the Spring fever virus. (JB: "Just Between Lines")

White never revealed the identity of the father and elected to raise her child alone. (JB: "Just Between Lessons")

When Voyager was under attack by a number of unknown vessels his mother refused to seek shelter in the specially built Safe Haven of the ship. Instead she insisted to remain at her post as the ship performed a series of extremely dangerous maneuvers as they battled the attacking ships. During the execution of the maneuvers White was thrown heavily against the floor. It caused serious internal injuries to the unborn Timothy and his mother. (JB: "Just Between Battles")

Despite The Doctor and Sek doing everything they could to help White struggle to save the unborn Timothy there was little that they could do. A few hours after becoming injured during the attack Timothy was delivered stillborn. It was then that his mother chose his name, Timothy Charles White. He was the only casualty of the attack. (JB: "Just Between Battles")

His loss caused his mother a great deal of sorrow and guilt and even lead her to be ostracized by the crew for a time. Many of the crew were deeply upset at the loss of one of the greatly anticipated babies. (JB: "Just Between Battles")