Gender: Male
Species: Bajoran/Cardassian hybrid
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Rank: Captain
Status: Active
Martial Status: Single

Zar Tulek was a 24th century Starfleet officer, most noted for being one of the few Bajoran-Cardassian hybrids in Starfleet. His predominantly Cardassian appearance posed an enormous hurdle to cross during the entire run of his career. His most notable assignments consist of his service as first officer under captain Kathryn Janeway aboard the starship USS Millennium. In 2379 after serving as Millenniums second in command for a year he was promoted to captain and given command of the USS Voyager, ironically Janeway's former command.

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As a child Zar was smuggled off of Bajor onboard of a Bolian freighter when he was 1 year old by his mother, a Bajoran woman. His father was a Cardassian and Zar had inherited his fathers appearance. Fearing for Zars life because of his Cardassian looks his mother did not want him to grow up on Bajor. Zar grew up on the Federation colony Verus Prime and possessed no memories of Bajor or the Occupation. Even on the colony he was most often initially perceived as a Cardassian ad treated with fear and disgust for it, though most changed their attitude upon learning of his Bajoran nature. Bajorans often continued treating him badly even after finding out about his hybrid nature. Zar developed a distrustful attitude of most Bajorans because of it, being burned by their treatment too often. (MLN: "Past Provocations, Part I")

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Seven of Nine Edit

Zar encountered Seven of Nine when Millenium was docked at DS9 in preparation of picking up the rest of their crew and getting ready to launch. The two had lunch together and found a common link with both being considered "the enemy" among many, Zar due to his Cardassian heritage, and Seven for her Borg nature. Zar develops a crush on Seven that is quickly shot down by Kes who informs him in a counseling session that she is married. (MLN: "Past Provocations, Part I")

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The joined Trill was a romantically involved with Zar, but their relationship was short-lived when Zar was promoted off Millennium and she chose to stay, rather than transfer to his new vessel, Voyager. Edit

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